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Promotion Of Serbian Wines In Arad

Promotion of Serbian wines in Arad

Today, Ambassador Stefan Tomašević attended the promotion of Serbian products in the sales chain of the Remarkt company, in Arad. The promotion was also attended by representatives of Remarkt Dusan Vilms, Gerardo Moncilo and Florian Catana, Romanian MP and President of the Association of Serbs in Romania Ognjan Krstic, President of Arad County Council Justin Conca, Arad Mayor Kalin Bibarc, Arad Deputy Prefect Jonel Sinac and representatives of the Serbian diaspora. .

Ambassador Tomašević pointed out that with great pleasure, on the eve of Easter, he attends the ceremony prepared by the hosts from the Remarkt company as part of Serbian products, to which Serbia owes great gratitude for the chance and open door, which is extremely difficult to open on the demanding European market. He emphasized that the vision of placing Serbian products in order to improve economic cooperation and positioning on the Romanian market, dedicated to increasing the volume of trade, but also due to the overall strengthening of bilateral relations between Serbia and Romania, was the basic idea in talks with Dusan Vilms a year ago. , pointing out that this vision and the path we are following are actually set and paved by the President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić, and that is the vision of an economically strong Serbia, which develops the best relations with its neighbors, which is the policy pursued by the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Nikola Selaković of Serbia, which contains economic diplomacy as an important component, and the representatives of the Republic of Serbia in the world have to represent and implement it in an adequate way.

Ambassador Tomašević emphasized that until recently, we had only one producer from Serbia on the Romanian market, as well as that there were individual attempts at placement that were unsustainable. He pointed out that today you can be sure that there is a whole range of top Serbian products in the Remarkt retail chain. He concluded that it was the result of dedicated work that required a lot of effort from all participants in this process. He pointed out that he was happy because among the products, except for confectionery, cured meat and other recognizable brands, Serbian wines occupy a significant place, which is of great importance for the wine industry in Serbia and in line with the strategy of the Republic of Serbia in positioning Serbian wines on foreign markets. He added that the Romanian market is richer for Serbian products and that he is sure that the cooperation of Serbian producers with Romanian sales chains will continue, and the range of goods will be further expanded. He stated that the beginning of such a significant cooperation is a good indicator and an opportunity for Romanian producers to, using applied and known experiences, further strengthen their offer on the Serbian market.

In the end, he concluded that the perseverance and great desire of all participants in this project paid off, where in addition to the greatest merits of the hosts, he emphasized the great importance of the Serbian distributor who allowed to unite the offer of Serbian producers and took a significant burden in terms of financing and the development of a completely new market, which will benefit consumers, Remarkt, Serbian manufacturers, distributors, but also Serbian-Romanian relations, today much richer and more ready to be further strengthened in the coming period by new projects and fruitful cooperation of businessmen, which encourages, encourages and expects with great joy.

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