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The future is in communion

We are weak as individuals and strong as a community.

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Members and founders

The Association of Winemakers and Winegrowers of Serbia was founded on July 22, 2019, as the umbrella national association of winemakers and winegrowers of Serbia. The founders and members of the Association are organizations of wine producers with a geographical indication from the territory of the Republic of Serbia.


The Šumadija region includes a part of the hilly vineyards of Šumadija, from the mountain Rudnik to the river Velika Morava.


The Knjaževac region is located in the area around the upper course of the Timok River and is surrounded by mountains.

Negotin region

The Negotinska Krajina region stretches in the far east of Central Serbia along the Romanian and Bulgarian borders.


The Belgrade region includes the southern hinterland of the Sava and Danube rivers, starting from the confluence of the Kolubara and Sava rivers to the confluence of the Velika Morava and the Danube, and the terrain on the slopes of the Avala and Kosmaj mountains.

Toplica region

The Toplica region includes vineyards in the entire basin of the river Toplica and its tributaries, primarily the rivers that flow from Veliki and Mali Jastrebac.

South Banat

The South Banat region is located in the southeastern part of the Vojvodina region, on the western slopes of the Vršac Mountains and in the area of Deliblato Sands.

Subotica region

The Subotica region includes the sandy terrains of the Subotica-Horgoš sands, in the extreme north of the Republic of Serbia along the border with the Republic of Hungary. The Subotica region consists of two separate parts: the western and the eastern part.


The Niš region includes vineyards located in the wide valley of the lower basin of the river Nišava and the lower basins of the rivers South Morava and Moravica.

Tri Morave

The Tri Morave region is located in the central part of Serbia, in the lower basin of the river Zapadna Morava, the lower basin of the South Morava and the upper basin of the Velika Morava and their tributaries. It is bordered by the mountains: Gledićke planine, Bešnjaja, Goč, Željin, Kopaonik, Jastrebac, Beljanica, Kučajske planine, Rtanj and Ozren.

Mlava region

The Mlava region includes vineyards on the right side of the lower course of the Velika Morava and in the basins of the rivers Resava, Mlava and Pek.

Velika Hoča

The Orahovac vineyards stretch in the central part of Metohija from Beli Drim to Orahovac.

Srem - Fruška gora

The Srem region is located on the slopes of Fruška gora facing the rivers Danube (in the north) and the Sava (in the south), excluding the area of the national park “Fruška gora”.

Join us

We expect that the Association will be joined by future Organizations that will be established in the remaining wine-growing regions. The call is open!

Plans for the future

The Association and the regional organizations have many plans. A lot of activities are already underway. Everything we do is aimed at improving the wine sector in Serbia.

Land and people

The country and the people of Serbia have traditionally turned to grapes and wine for centuries. We respect tradition and learn new ideas and technologies.

Statistics and plan until 2030.

Areas under vineyards

The goal is 25,000 hectares

According to statistics from 2018, we have 21,328 ha under vineyards in Serbia. The goal by 2030 is to reach at least 30,000 ha for a solid raw material base.

Number of active wineries in the country

The target is 800 wineries

About 400 registered wineries are not enough for Serbia and its possibilities. State aid to small wineries should raise that number to about 800.

Annual wine production

The goal is 100 million liters

The Serbian wine market is 44 million liters. Greater production and elimination of the “gray” zone should push that figure to 100 million liters.

Financial result of the wine sector

The target is EUR 300 million

By 2030, the value of Serbian wine should be raised to EUR 300 million. This is achieved through higher production and higher quality / price per liter.

Mission of the Association

Promotion, protection and improvement of the wine sector in Serbia. Representing the views of our members, providing advice, services and lobbying on behalf of members before the legislature. Creating conditions for the exchange of ideas and dissemination of information related to optimal winemaking and viticultural practice. Establishing contacts and relationships with others, both regionally and worldwide. All with the aim of further development and growth of winemaking and its sure continuous success.

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