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About Association

The Association of Winemakers and Winegrowers of Serbia was founded on July 22, 2019, as the umbrella national association.

The office of the Association has a mission to provide adequate support to its members, wine producers and winegrowers, as well as those who plan to start wine production. The office will plan and organize various educational, promotional and development activities, which will significantly improve winemaking and winegrowing in the Republic of Serbia.

Goals of the Association

The goals include the development of the wine and viticulture sector and the positioning of the Republic of Serbia on the world map. The plan is to map wine producers, ie signalization and construction of access roads, protection of geographical origin, regionalization and elaboration, definition and establishment of standards, efficient implementation of quality control, cooperation with relevant institutions that will work to improve the law and support domestic associations and wineries in development processes.


The Association also plans to develop education, ie staff development through education. The goal is for students to acquire knowledge from various fields, as well as skills with which they will contribute to the development of the wine and viticulture sector. It is necessary to create new and improve existing educational programs, which will follow the latest world trends and, with the application of proven methods, enable staff to successfully apply their knowledge in practice.

National strategy

The National Strategy provides guidelines for the development of the wine and viticulture sector in the Republic of Serbia in the period from 2020 to 2030. The Office of the Association and the professional staff will, through constant work, make this Strategy applicable within the set deadlines, through continuous assessment of the quality of development activities.

Our country has great potential for the development of this area, and the obligation of the Association Office is to organize and direct staff who have the knowledge, experience, perseverance and desire to leave Serbia something valuable and recognizable, something that will last and constantly develop.

Latest news

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