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Realization Of The Association’s Project – Improvement Of The Wine Evaluation System

Realization of the Association’s project – improvement of the wine evaluation system

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management financed the project entitled “Improving the wine evaluation system through education and digitalization”.

The goal of the project is to achieve a higher level of quality of Serbian wines through the education of evaluators and digitization of the evaluation system through the use of digital technologies in order to provide faster and better evaluation.

During the implementation of the project, various activities were carried out: defining and testing the software package for wine assessors, conducting trainings for assessors and disseminating the results of the project in various ways. Trainings – workshops were held in Kruševac (at the Faculty of Agriculture, 23/12/2022) and in Belgrade (22/12/2022).

Download the lecture for evaluators: A systematic approach to wine tasting (serbian version only)

One of the results are Android applications that you can download from the following links (for users whose Android is set to the Serbian language, the applications work in Serbian):

See a gallery of pictures from one training session:

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