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Serbian Wine On The Roof Of The World

Serbian wine on the roof of the world

Today it was announced that at the prestigious international wine evaluation, organized by the specialized magazine Decanter, a Serbian wine won “Best in Show”. The wine in question is Grašac from the winery Vinčić from Fruška Gora, owned by Aleksandar Vinčić. The author of this wine, the man whose knowledge is embedded in this great recognition, is a professor from the Faculty of Agriculture in Kruševac, Dr. Marko Malićanin. To make it clearer, this enormous success of Serbian winemaking was achieved in competition with 18,520 wines from 57 countries around the world. The owner of the winery, Mr. Vinčić and Prof. Malićanin are people who have been collaborating for a long time, and this award is just a continuation of a successful series.

To make things even more interesting and valuable, the wine is made from the autochthonous Serbian variety of grašac (Italian Riesling). Just a few days ago, this wine won the Best in Show award at the BIWC evaluation. The mentioned wine, apart from these two big awards, won awards at all the evaluations where it appeared.

Those who had the opportunity to try other wines from Prof Malićanin’s “workshop” claim that there are several more wines that are expected to achieve similar success in the coming years.

The mentioned awards are extremely significant and significantly contribute to the position of Serbian winemaking in the world. Congratulations to Serbian winemakers!

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